QuackSmack: Friday, 5/17/19

Hosts: Jonathan Rifkind, Sean MacPherson, Michael Abbott

6:03 Oregon Baseball in La La Land

  • Season Overreactions?
  • Series Importance
  • Horton’s resume and the importance of a series win
  • Predictions

6:20 NBA Playoff Talk: Were we spoiled with the Semi-Finals?

6:35 NBA Draft Talk: Is there depth beyond the third pick?

6:48 Roast the Host

  • Jonathan plays old QS hot takes from years passed; thereafter, Michael and Sean each get a chance to roast him

QuackSmack: Thursday, 5/16/19

Hosts: Alex Castle, Matt Tyra and Jordan Brenner

6:03 Oregon Softball Season Wrap-Up

  • Grading Lombardi’s first season
  • Team Awards: MVP, OPOTY, DPOTY, Most Improved…
  • What’s next for the Ducks?

6:25 Oregon Baseballs Heads to USC

  • Ducks riding small surge in need of road sweep
  • Was Oregon over-achieving, or should we expect more?
  • Keys to the weekend + predictions

6:40 Pelicans Win the NBA Lottery, Conference Finals Hit Game Two’s

  • Thoughts on the updated odds to the lottery system?
  • Favorite storylines from the East and West

6:50 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:55 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be