QuackSmack: Thursday, 11/26/20

Hosts: Ryan Milano, Sam Greenville, Patrick McMahon

6:00 Can the Ducks contain the Beavers to remain undefeated?

  • How will Oregon combat Oregon State’s potent rushing attack?
  • Can Tyler Shough finally rid his first-half woes?
  • The Ducks ranked #15 in the CFP Rankings? Does Oregon have a path?

6:30 The NFL Playoff Picture is starting to take shape

  • Are the Ravens destined to miss the playoffs?
  • Miami or Buffalo? Who will claim the AFC East title?
  • Cleveland Browns postseason bound for the first time in 18 years?

QuackSmack: Wednesday 11/25/20

Hosts: Jordan Brenner, Aaron Heisen, Levi Profitt

6:00 Oregon Football Readies for Rivalry Game

  • Oregon ranked 15th in the CFP; why this is controversial
  • Final thoughts on Oregon-UCLA
  • Ducks face the Beavers on Friday; trap game?

6:30 Oregon Women’s Basketball Approaching Season Opener

  • Erin Boley’s Moment
  • Most excited to see?

6:40 NBA Offseason

  • Wild Wild West
  • Denver vs. Portland for the #3 seed