QuackSmack: Wednesday, 6/12/19

HOSTS: Matt Tyra, Sam Tidrich-Schmidt, and Kent WIlliams

6:00 Oregon Baseball Hires Mark Wasikowski from Purdue

  • Wasikowski returns to Eugene, where he experienced major success
  • Looking over Wasikowski’s success with the Boilermakers
  • Does this change the 2020 expectations for the Ducks?

6:15 Drama in the NBA Finals as KD Goes Down, Warriors Push for 7

  • The KD injury: one of the biggest, most tragic in American sports history
  • Splash Brothers & Co. respond to Kawhi’s run as Oracle gets another game
  • Is home court even an advantage at this point?
  • Keys and predictions as Warriors face elimination again

6:45 Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving Headed in New Directions?

  • Davis trade looming as Lakers look like most realistic partner
  • Kyrie to Brooklyn rumors excite New York’s other fanbase

QuackSmack: Tuesday, June 11

Hosts: Jonathan Rifkind, Adam Susman, Sean MacPherson

6:02 Rifkind’s Rant

  • It’s time to end the KD hate

6:08 NBA Game 5 Recap

  • Raptors Choke or Warriors Resiliency?
  • Lowry in the last three minutes
  • How Game 5 hurt the Knicks
  • Game 6 expectations

6:35 MBB: Ducks add Anthony Mathis

  • Big addition, but more needs to be done

6:45 The State of the Pac-12

  • National perception
  • Branding
  • What needs to be done to right the ship