Quack Smack: Thursday, 4/24

HOSTS: Joey McMurry, Ryan Rouillard and Travis Teich
PRODUCER: AJ Untermeyer

6:00   Oregon Baseball

  • Ducks getting ready for the Civil War
  • Who needs to step up for the Ducks?

6:10   Spring Football

  • Ducks plan to play as close to a real game as possible in spring game

6:15   GUEST: Andrew Greif (The Oregonian)

  • Talking spring football

6:25   Oregon Softball

  • Ducks take on Stanford for 3 starting tomorrow

6:30   GUEST: Jessica Moore (Former Oregon Softball Player)

  • Reflecting on what the team is doing now
  • Life as an assistant coach at Idaho State
  • Favorite memories from Oregon

6:45   Portland Trailblazers

  • Off to a hot start in the playoffs
  • What’s working for them?

6:50   Sports Movie Trivia

Quack Smack: Wednesday, 4/23

HOST: Ryan Rouillard
PANEL: Preston Hiefield and Allie Burger

6:00   Oregon Baseball

  • Looking at the bats. Can they hold up in Corvallis?
  • Who’s the key to the series?
  • Is 1 win enough given the circumstances?

6:12   Oregon Women’s Basketball

  • Ducks hire assistant coaching staff for next year

6:15   GUEST: Kelly Graves (Oregon WBB Head Coach)

6:30   Oregon Softball

  • Ducks struggle through Portland State yesterday
  • Any concerns about this team playing down?
  • Is Stanford a trap series?

6:45   GUEST: Jem Panganiban from the Oregon Pit Crew

6:50   Reflecting on Pat Tillman

  • Yesterday was 10th anniversary of his death
  • Does he deserve a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?