KWVA Sports: The Conference Call Episode 24

-Penei Sewell announces he’s opting out of the 2020-2021 College Football season and going pro. Implications for the Ducks, for Sewell, and for College Football

-Discussing the NBA Playoffs, including the deadlocked Celtics vs. Raptors series and the Lakers vs. Rockets series

-Former Sports Director and current KTSMtv Reporter Colin Deaver discusses his days at UO, covering Texas A&M, and his team, the Denver Nuggets

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KWVA Sports: The Conference Call Episode 23

Lakers oust Blazers comfortably in 5 games. What’s next for Portland, and what does the road ahead look like for LA?

Second round intrigue including Boston-Toronto and Milwaukie-Miami

New Oregon Soccer Head Coach Graeme Abel joins to discuss his move to become a Head Coach the state of the program, and the cancellation of the fall season