QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: Friday, 8/26/16

Hosts: Alex Castle and Greg Kelly

6:15 Oregon Soccer’s home opener 

  • Recapping the game
  • Positives/Negatives
  • Looking forward to Stephen F. Austin

6:25 Football Releases Week 1 Depth Chart 

  • Immediate reactions
  • Herbert officially the #2 QB
  • Lots of new names on the defense
  • Where does competition still exist?

6:40 Oregon Volleyball opens season against Texas at 7pm 

  • Which team has the pressure on them?
  • Predictions

6:45 Zach Bigley and Chris Clayton Live from MKA for Oregon Volleyball vs. #2 Texas 

QuackSmack: Thursday, 8/25/16

HOSTS: Chris Clayton, Zach Bigley, Marc Grandi

6:00 Oregon Football preseason camp comes to a close

  • Scrimmaged today, Hoke’s thoughts
  • Devon Allen returns… will he be an immediate factor?
  • Depth chart to be released soon

6:20 Ducks Volleyball Vert Challenge tomorrow night

  • Is this young team up to the task?
  • Keys to competitive matches?
  • What to watch for on Texas, Florida

6:40 UO Soccer 

  • Hosting Nebraska Friday, Stephen F. Austin Sunday
  • Keys to success for Oregon, what to watch for from Nebraska
  • What’s a successful weekend?