QuackSmack: Directors’ Show (9/28/23)

Hosted by Austin Ota, Knight Jarecki, and Jonah Bruneau

Oregon Football Opens Conference Play 1-0 (6:00)

  • Recapping the win over Colorado
  • Who are the names to watch on the Cardinal?
  • What questions are we still looking for Oregon to answer?

Oregon Volleyball Faces off Against the Washington Schools (6:20)

  • Could we have asked for a better start to begin the season for Oregon?
  • Washington has stumbled to start conference play, but Washington State is a huge Litmus test for the Ducks. Who are the names to watch?

Oregon Soccer Faces off Against the Mountain Schools (6:40)

  • Colorado has been great to start the year and just dominated Denver
  • Utah has had an up-and-down start to the year

All-Aboard and Predictions (6:50)

QuackSmack: Wednesday (9/27/23)

Hosted by: Ben Schoenfield, Charlie Martindale, Cuinn Huber

6:00 Oregon Volleyball

  • Standout players
  • Matchup vs. UW
  • Top-10 Matchup vs. WSU
  • Keys to keep up hot streak

6:20 GUEST: Thurston Football

6:30 Oregon Football

  • Matchup vs Stanford before bye week
  • Key standouts
  • Unexpected performers
  • Noah Whittington Injury

6:55 Oregon Soccer

  • Expectations for upcoming games vs Colorado and Utah
  • Expectations for rest of conference play