QuackSmack: Monday, 8/31/15

HOSTS: Ryan Rouillard, Chris Clayton and Zach Bigley

6:00   Oregon Football: What to Watch For in 2015

  • Biggest storylines of the summer/fall camp
  • Guys to keep an eye on

6:40   Volleyball Sweeps Through Temple Invitational

  • First indications from the Ducks

6:50   Soccer Finally Gets a Win

  • Evaluating where Oregon stands after two weeks

QuackSmack: Friday 6/12/15

HOSTS: Matt Scotton, Chris Clayton, & Andrew Murray

6:00 Opening Remarks

6:03 NBA

  • Warriors even the series at 2-2
  • Has the average fan ever cared this little about the draft (June 25th)?
  • Do you care that Steve Kerr lied about his lineup?

6:20 NHL

  • Blackhawks even the series at 2-2
  • Does the Lighting need Ben Bishop to win?
  • Better series, NBA or NHL?
  • Coyotes latest

6:35 Soccer

  • USA vs Sweden Update
  • Added motivation tonight?

6:45 NCAA Track Championship

  • Update
  • Does Oregon need to win to be a successful season?

6:50 Final Thoughts