Friday Night Spotlight/QuackSmack: Friday, 1/13/17

QuackSmack (6:00-6:45)

HOSTS: Maverick Pallack, Tyler Kastan, and Austin Cracraft

6:00 Live hits from Chris Clayton at Sheldon HS and Marc Grandi at Thurston HS

6:05 Does the WBB Team Build off of their Incredible Comeback?

  • Reaction to the CAL comeback
  • Is this team ready to make an impact this Tourney?

6:20 MBB Continues to Improve and Dominate

  • Is Brooks still the X-Factor of this team?
  • Has this team finally put it all together?
  • PAC12 Favorite

6:35 Football Continues to Add Coaches and Subtract Players

  • Love/Hate the new coaching staff
  • Jalen Brown leaving
  • How good is Taggart’s no-nonsense mantra

Friday Night Spotlight (6:45-8:30)

  • 6A Girls Basketball (Sheldon vs. South Medford)
  • 5A Boys Basketball (Thurston vs. Churchill)
    • KWVA2
    • 88.1 and main stream after the conclusion of Sheldon-South Medford

Remaining Friday Night Spotlight (~8:30-9:00)

  • Analysis of the Oregon WBB game
  • LA County Super Chargers
  • Worst Pro-Sport logos of all time
  • Jeopsporty


QuackSmack: Thursday, 1/12/17

HOSTS: Chris Clayton, Zach Bigley, and Marc Grandi

6:00 Oregon Men’s Basketball seeking record tying victory

  • Win over Oregon State Saturday would give Ducks 15 straight
  • OSU banged, disappointing season

6:15 Ducks’ Women’s Basketball preps for another road challenge in Los Angeles

  •  Megan Trinder goes down with another torn ACL
  • Ionescu getting healthy at the right time, LA schools this weekend

6:30 Willie Taggart’s coaching staff nearly complete

  • Thoughts on the staff he has put together
  • No one from previous tenure retained

6:45 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:50 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be