Oregon at California Football Pregame Show

Hosts: Greg Kelly and Ian Gerig

6:05 Matching Up the Golden Bears and the Ducks

  • Initial Thoughts
  • What are the implications of this game?
  • What can the Ducks do to win their first road game?

6:30 Oregon Football Looks for Their First Pac-12 Win

  • Vic Enwere is out for the year – does this slow down the Cal rushing attack?
  • Chad Hansen: Midseason All-American – will the Ducks secondary step up?
  • What do both of these QBs have to do against these low-rated defenses?
  • Chris Clayton on the Oregon defensive struggles hurting the offense
  • What does the Ducks’ running game have to do in order to keep Cal off-balanced?
  • Does Cal have the answer stopping Oregon’s WR corps.?

6:45 Storylines Coming out of the Bye Week

  • Dissention in the locker room
  • What a bye week meant to both of these teams?
  • Zach Bigley on the bye week helping the team
  • At what point do you let go of a head coach?

7:05 Predictions

QuackSmack: Thursday, 10/20/16

HOSTS: Chris Clayton, Zach Bigley, and Marc Grandi

6:00 Ducks set to battle the Bears in a shootout tomorrow night in Berkeley

  • Which defense steps up first?
  • Justin Herbert
  • Keys to the game
  • Predictions

6:20 Oregon Volleyball making the mountain schools road trip

  • These two matches… must win?
  • Last two matches a trend or just a blip… keys to a turnaround?
  • Predictions

6:35 Oregon Soccer hosting Arizona, 4:00 PM on KWVA2

  • Result of match reactions
  • Ducks looking to break seven match losing streak

6:45 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:50 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be, Volume 8