Pickathon Music Festival Pre-Coverage

Written By: Jonathan Marti / Dj Implicit

“And that ONE TIME, AT PICKATHON!!!” — Why Pickathon exceeds all expectations as a music festival.

There are numerous reasons why a festival experience might not turn out what you wanted and hoped for it to be. The non-local and domestic beer was insanely overpriced, and that goes for the food. You are forced to make life or death choices such as choosing to see one of your favorite artists, but not the other. You spend your time dehydrated in the scorching sun, because you can’t find any water source. And not to mention the piles upon piles of non-recyclable junk covering where the people once were, weighing on your conscious as you realize the cost of enjoying the magical experience of the concert—is filling up our landfills—all the while you pay too much for a sub-par foreign beer.

Pickathon manages to avoid all of these usual downsides to a music festival, and manages to exceed all expectations. Pickathon takes place in a partially shaded setting on Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Southeast of Portland. One of the first things you will notice is that all of the beer, wine, food, and even some of the artists, are local. Featuring all Pacific Northwest breweries, wineries, Portland Food Carts, all for what you might pay outside of the festival boundaries.

Artists range from Portland artists such as Blossom and The Woolen Men, to famous artists such as Jeff Tweedy or Beach House. The best part is that you don’t have to choose between any of the amazing artists you have to choose from. Each artist plays 2 sets at two different venues of the eight dynamic stages, all of which have their own unique identity. You will find yourself exploring the diverse line-up at Pickathon, sipping a local beer or kombucha, discovering a band first hand with beauty that you had thought not existed.

Although there is often ample shade available where ever your exploring leads you, hydration is always of great concern. Luckily wherever you go there is FREE WATER, with a refillable container. Not to even mention Pickathon is completely waste free, with composting, recycling, and even festival plates to eliminate waste from containers for the food. All of that, and all of the electricity is completely sourced from renewable solar energy. So, you can let your environmental conscious be at rest.

Exceeding expectations as a music festival, Pickathon even provides a family and even community feel. With events for kids to enjoy, to yoga sessions for the whole family, it is safe to say that your family at this music festival, will be stoked. It is a time and place that becomes so-real that it becomes sur-real. Be ready to have the uniquely best festival experience of your life, but to be warned—you might become a broken record telling your friends and family, “And that ONE TIME, AT PICKATHON!!!”.

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016

Sasquatch! Music Festival takes place at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater over Memorial Day Weekend. This year KWVA was granted the opportunity to interview several artists: Dave B., LANY, Fauna Shade, Telekinesis, Beat Connection, Brothers From Another, Wimps, and Bully. Take a look!!! Photos and interviews conducted by Natalie Miano (DJ Flamps).

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