DJ Spotlight: DJ Icarus from The Sun

On the blog today, we’ve got DJ Icarus, host of the show The Sun! Scroll on to see how she redefines the label “indie” and what makes her unique as a DJ. IMG_0005

DJ name: DJ Icarus

Show time and day: Wednesdays 10-11am, Spring 2015

Show title: The Sun

Hometown: Portland, OR


How would you describe your show?

This show explores what the label “indie” means now through multiple genres and styles of music. No one specific genre is played and you can listen to all types of rock, folk, pop, electronic, hip-hop, and rap.

 What made you want to be a DJ?

I often drive to school and as a freshman I found KWVA just by scrolling through my radio in my car. I thought the idea of playing music on air and being a DJ was really cool, so eventually I applied.

Tell us your favorite memory as a DJ.

When I was a freshman I remember a DJ played “The Race Is On” by Blacks& and I really liked the song and when I got home I immediately looked at the playlist for the show to check out the band. This past term I played that song on air and I just love the cyclicality of that moment. It’s weird for me to think that I’m now the DJ and people are possibly checking out the bands that I’m playing.

What makes your show unique?

I think what makes my show unique is that my set contains multiple genres which still flow smoothly together. There are so many elements of songs that are similar or interact with each other, no matter the genre.

Any influences for your show or as a DJ?

All of my life experiences influence me. I could be talking to a random person about music for a few minutes and that could spark a theme for a show or me playing a band I haven’t listened to in years on air.

Thanks, DJ Icarus! If you’re interested in being the next featured DJ of the week, contact