KWVA Top 30, Week of August 11th 2015


Top 5 Album Adds of the Week!

1. Deaf – Wish
2. Jigsaw Seen – Have A Wonderful Day
3. Good Life – Everybody’s Coming Down
4. Sea of Bees – Build A Boat To The Sun
5. Slime – Company


New DJ Spotlight – TuGrips from Tom and Lisa

Hot up fresh this morning is a spankin’ new DJ Spotlight – TuGrips from his show Tom and Lisa. Read on to find out how he fixes up your Friday from 4-6 pm.


DJ name: TuGrips

Show title and time: Tom and Lisa, Fridays from 4-6 pm, Summer 2015

Hometown: Portland, OR

Show genres and/or description:  Hip-Hop, Electronic, Alternative

Artists commonly played on show: Death Grips, 2pac, Nas, The xx, Majid Jordan

How long have you been a DJ? 3 weeks.




What made you want to be a DJ?

I love music. It’s a great opportunity get to know some fantastic people as well. I just want to share these memories with the people of Eugene, and KWVA lets us all enjoy something we love, together.

Tell us your favorite moment/memory as a DJ:

Right before my first show I was really nervous. Boob Dylan was on before me and I was like, wtf, she is so good, and then I got even more nervous!

Any influences for your show or as a DJ?

2pac is my biggest influence. My mom painted me a mural of 2pac and Nas on my wall for my 12th birthday. What I loved about 2pac was that he was the most gangsta when he wanted to be, but could also be the voice of a generation for change… Death Grips is the most recent, while 2pac and DG make up a lot of what I listen to daily.

Thanks, TuGrips! If you’re interested in being the next featured DJ of the week, contact