QuackSmack: Wednesday (3/22/23)

Hosted by Austin Ota, John Evans, and Aiden Hess

Oregon Men’s Basketball Ends the Season on a Low Note (6:00)

  • Who impressed throughout the NIT?
  • Breaking down yesterday’s postgame
  • Previewing next year’s team

GUEST: Jared Mack of Duck Territory (6:15)

Oregon Women’s Basketball Reaches the Super 16  (6:30)

  • Breaking down the first two games of the tournament?
  • Who has impressed so far and who needs to take a step up?
  • Which team through the rest of the way worries you most?

Oregon Softball Faces the Toughest Team in the Conference (6:45)

  • After the bats broke out in Seattle, a little home cooking helped the arms
  • What does Oregon need to do to beat UCLA this weekend?
  • If the Ducks finish top four in the conference, do they host a regional?