QuackSmack: Tuesday, 3/9/21

Hosts: Adam Susman, Ryan Milano, Ethan Hartley

6:00 Oregon Men’s Basketball Capture PAC-12 Crown

  • Most threes since 2017 v. Oregon State
  • Heating up at the right time
  • Ducks conference accolades
  • Looking at the PAC-12 bracket

6:20 Guest: Joey McMurry

6:30 Oregon Volleyball’s Dramatic Weekend

  • Difference from Friday and Sunday
  • Only move up to #19 in the rankings
  • PAC-12 landscape

6:40 Oregon Soccer Held Scoreless Down South

  • Toughest games out the way
  • Dissecting the disappointment
  • Must win weekend

6:50 Diamond Sports Have Perfect Weekends

  • Best Weekend of the Wasikowski Era
  • Standouts so far for both sports?
  • Softball bats get hot on Sunday