QuackSmack: Tuesday, 9/10/19

Hosts: Adam Susman, Sam Greenville, Michael Strite

6:00 Oregon Football Dominates Nevada in Home Opener

  • 10 different Ducks catch or run for a TD
  • Which side of the ball impressed you more?
  • Was this an apology to Oregon fans for the Auburn loss?
  • Tyler Shough impresses in brief action

6:20 Oregon Soccer Head Coach, Kat Mertz, Talks Weekend in South Carolina

6:30 Oregon Soccer Picks Up Needed Out of Conference Wins

  • Ducks hold on vs Clemson
  • Zoe Hasenhauer saves the Ducks vs Furman
  • Certain players starting to establish themselves as conference play inches closer

6:40 Whats Going on Around the PAC-12?

  • Can the Washington loss be chalked up to the weather delay?
  • Overrated/Underrated in the conference
  • Is the PAC-12 North a cake walk for Oregon?

6:50 Oregon Volleyball Schedule Heating Up on the East Coast

  • What are realistic expectations for the next three games?
  • Young Ducks facing experienced, dominant teams
  • Like the aggressive scheduling by Matt Ulmer early in the season?