QuackSmack: Tuesday, 1/15/19

Hosts: Jonathan RifkindJonah Rosenburg, Sam Tidrick-Schmidt

6:02 Oregon WBB Sweeps LA

  • Were these wins expected, or did we learn something?
  • Is there a Pac-12 team that can stop them?
  • Are future expectations going to be too high?

6:15 Oregon MBB

  • What’s causing the inconsistencies?
  • Louis King’s Key Role
  • Does the USC-win comfort us at all?


6:35: GUEST: Eddie Alexander (Head Coach at NCU Basketball)

6:45 NCU Men’s Basketball

  • Introduction to KWVA
  • A quick recap of the season
  • How the Beacons have become the team to beat
  • What to expect over the final month of the season