QuackSmack: Wednesday, 6/13/18

Hosts: Alex Castle, Collin Catman and Nick Baxter

6:02 Warriors Celebrate Third Title in Four Years 

  • Did LeBron getting swept alter his legacy in your eyes?
  • KD now a 2x NBA champion, Steph still without Finals MVP
  • Odds we see Warriors-Cavs Part V next year?

6:17 Future of the NBA 

  • Where will LeBron end up?
  • What moves do the Warriors make?
  • Other moves to watch for in July

6:35 NBA Draft 

  • What teams can make the biggest impact on draft day?
  • Deep draft adding more young talent to the league
  • Where would you take Troy Brown Jr.?

6:48 Quick Hitters

  • Caps and Ovechkin finally get their ring
  • What’s the news in the NFL?
  • U.S. not in the World Cup, but will co-host in 2026

6:56 Collin and Nick Say Their Goodbyes