QuackSmack: Wednesday, 4/25/18

Hosts: Alex Castle, Naveed Habibelahian, and Jordan Brenner 

6:02 Oregon Softball Set for Another Top 5 Matchup

  • Taking a look at the rankings, should Oregon be #1?
  • Previewing #4 Washington
  • What’s at stake? PAC-12 implications

6:20 Oregon Baseball Looking to Rebound 

  • Five games in seven days, up in Portland tonight for “must win”
  • Any hopes still at postseason berth?
  • USC comes to Eugene this weekend, keys to the series

6:35 Oregon Football Spring Game Takeaways 

  • Believe the skill positions will get Hebert the help he needs?
  • Raised expectations for the defense
  • Biggest concern for the fall?

6:50 NBA Playoffs Reaching Second Round Stage

  • Checking in on tonight’s games
  • Should the Sixers be the favorite in the East?
  • Can the Pelicans challenge the Warriors in the next round?