QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: Friday, 11/17/17

Hosts: Austin CracraftMaverick Pallack, and Tyler Kastan

6:00 Oregon Football Total Review/Preview

  • Review of the season so far
    • What would this season look like with a healthy Herbert?
    • What’s been the second most impactful injury?
  • Oregon-Arizona preview
    • How does Oregon stop Khalil Tate?
    • Any obvious match-up advantages for either side?
    • Game predictions
  • Feeling out the remainder of the season
    • OSU match-up
    • Bowl scenarios
    • At what point is this season a success? Failure?

6:35 Oregon Women’s Basketball off to a strong start

  • Defeats #19 Texas A&M in College Station
  • What is the ceiling for this team?
  • Who is there most important player?

7:00 Oregon Men’s Basketball’s early outlook

  • What have we learned about this team?
  • What aspect of this team needs to improve if they want to challenge for the Pac-12?
  • Non-conference preview

7:30 Oregon Volleyball set to welcome in the Washington schools

  • Review the WSU match
  • Look forward toward potential redemption against Washington
  • How good is this team?

8:00 Debate this!

  • The guys debate a myriad of sports — and non-sports — topics.

8:10 College football’s final stretch

  • How has this college football season ranked compared to previous years?
  • Out-of-the-ordinary Heisman picks
  • Playoff selections/scenarios
  • CFB trivia

8:45 The NFL’s season of storylines

  • What has been the most interesting storyline to follow this season?
  • Favorite game remaining on the schedule
  • Rest-of-season predictions
  • NFL trivia

9:00 NBA early season evaluations

  • Review last night’s Warriors-Celtics game
  • Predicting whether early season trends will continue
  • MVP picks
  • NBA trivia

9:30 PK80 preview

  • Loaded tournament for Oregon alum Phil Knight
  • Best team not in the field
  • Predictions

9:45 Friday Fun!

  • Pet-peeved
  • Most interesting sports story of the week
  • What 2 Watch 4