STORY: Oregon’s Tyrell Crosby Proves Injury Concerns Wrong

Oregon’s senior offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby has been one of the best offensive tackles in college football this season. Just one year removed from a foot injury that cost him all but two games of his junior campaign, Crosby has enjoyed his senior season because it’s afforded him the ability to prove those that doubted his post-injury abilities wrong. Crosby leads one of the best offensive lines in the Pac-12 and the nation and is a large reason why Oregon is top-20 nationally in rushing offense. Crosby’s calm, friendly on-field demeanor is quite different than his on-field attitude, which gives him a competitive edge over opponents. Listen to the full story below.

STORY: Tyrell Crosby Flips a Switch, Dominates on the FieldĀ (by Marc Grandi)