QuackSmack: Thursday, 6/15/17

Hosts: Matt Tyra and Alex Castle

QuackSmack is live from the Valley River Inn. Watch the live Periscope broadcast on twitter @KWVASports

6:00 More NBA Rumors Surfacing

  • Chris Paul announces visits to Denver, Houston
  • LeBron to join LA team next offseason?
  • Blake Griffin and Gordon Heyward interested in Boston
  • Top 5 teams, 5 years from now

6:25 MLB Season Pushes Forward

  • Playing contender/pretender with top clubs
  • Teams that could take off during 2nd half
  • Favorite stories so far this year

6:40 Mayweather vs. McGregor Set

  • Is there any way McGregor wins?

6:48 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:54 FCC Won’t Let Me Be