QuackSmack: Friday, 3/3/17

Hosts: Austin Cracraft, Tyler Kastan, and Chris Clayton

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

6:00 Friday Night Spotlight Preview

6:05 Softball starts off well in Missouri

  • Ducks spank Terps
  • Breaking down Oregon vs Missouri
  • What have we learned about this team

6:20 Oregon WBB survives day one of the Pac-12 Tournament

  • Ducks don’t play to their potential against U of A
  • Take on #3 seeded Washington
  • Any chance of slowing down Plum?

6:35 Civil War #2 for Oregon MBB

  • What can this team gain from this matchup?
  • Who needs to get rolling for postseason play?
  • Breaking down seeding for P12 tourney

6:45 Oregon Baseball’s home season gets underway

  • Live hit from Collin Catman
  • What should we expect from the Diamond Ducks?
  • Matchup vs Mississippi State

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-8:30)

Extra Friday Night Spotlight Sports Talk (8:30-9:00)

  • Preview Oregon MBB’s road to a Pac-12 Tournament Championship
  • Breakdown Oregon Baseball’s game thus far
    • Live hit from Collin Catman
  • Oregon WBB score update vs UW
  • Pet Peeved
    • Austin asks the group whether his pet peeve is warranted
  • One thing to watch this weekend