QUACK SMACK: Wednesday, 3/12/14

HOST: Ryan Rouillard
PANELISTS: Samantha Salidivar and Geoff Safford

6:00   Oregon Men’s Basketball

  • Ducks and Beavers squaring off
  • Are the Ducks out if they lose this?

6:15   Oregon Women’s Basketball

  • Talks of WNIT swirling
  • Should Paul Westhead coach them if they go?

6:20   GUEST: Ryan Thorburn (The Register-Guard)

  • Reflecting on the season as a whole
  • Evaluating Oregon’s postseason chances
  • Discussing new coach options

6:30   Softball

  • Ducks playing final non-conference tourney tonight
  • Any chance they take a step back given that the competition isn’t as tough?

6:40   GUEST: Bryan Kalbrosky (Oregon Pit Crew)

  • What’s going on around the Pit Crew?

6:48   Guide to a successful court storming

  • Ryan’s 5 rules
  • Was the court storming after the Arizona game Saturday justified?