General Station Contact Information

Request Line: 541.346.0645
Main Office: 541.346.4091


Oversees all station operations.

General Manager – Charlotte Nisser


Oversees all on-air content.

DJ Director – Kayla Krueger

Music Department

Send your music to the Music Department.

Music Director – Eleanor Hunger

Music Blog Coordinators — Calista Espino and Paige Rodriquez

News Department

News Director – Connor Saurbier

Assistant News Directors:  Paólo Kalainoff and Wesley Johnson

Sports Department

Sports Director – Ryan Milano

Assistant Sports Directors – Austin Ota and Knight Jarecki


Oversees all outreach activities. To get a PSA or other event announcement made and on-air, contact the Marketing Director.

Marketing Director – Jocelyn Johnson

Assistant Marketing Director – Toni Edelman

Photo by Student Life Marketing.