QuackSmack: Wednesday, 5/30/18

Hosts: Alex Castle, Collin Catman and Nick Baxter

6:02 Oregon Softball Set for WCWS Opener  vs. Arizona State

  • G Juarez vs. who? Who should White hand the ball to in the circle tomorrow?
  • Keys to an opening victory for each team
  • Who are the Ducks’ biggest threats in OKC?
  • Keys to a title run and WCWS predictions

6:20 GUEST: Joey McMurry (Oregon IMG)

6:33 Oregon Baseball Season Wrap-Up 

  • How will you remember this season?
  • Early predictions for 2019?

6:45 Warriors-Cavs NBA Finals Part IV Starts Tomorrow

  • Bored by the matchup?
  • Do the Cavs have a chance?
  • How this series will impact legacies on both sides


QuackSmack: Tuesday, 5/29/18

HOSTS: Matt Tyra, Ethan Wyss, and Sean MacPherson

6:00  Oregon Softball Dominates Elimination Games in Supers

  • Elish-Kleist debate has never been this close
  • Does Game 1 wake-up call ultimately help Oregon?
  • Lauren Burke’s time is here
  • Sun Devils, Huskies, Sooners: who is the biggest threat?

6:25  GUEST: Jonathan Style (KEZI Sports Anchor)

6:35  Recapping Oregon Baseball’s 2018

  • Breaking down non-conference and Pac-12 play
  • Who stood out, and who faltered?
  • Overall grades for the season

6:50  Cavs-Warriors, Chapter IV

  • An ode to the 2018 Houston Rockets
  • Is this the most uneven match-up we’ve seen?