KWVA 25th Anniversary Alumni On-Air Weekend May 26th & 27th

Join us for an amazing weekend of programming! We are welcoming back alumni, 25 hours of alumni to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Here is our special 25th Anniversary Alumni on-air schedule, including names of DJs and the programs they previously hosted:

Saturday, May 26th:

10am The Lonely Guy, host of The Lonely Guy Radio Program

11am Theo Therone, host of Groove Morning to You

noon DJ DAD, host of The Radio Station Wagon

1pm DJ Bandino, host of Sample Chains

2pm DeMoeFunk, host of The Discositdown

3pm Amy Dials, host of Just the Machete

4pm Pigeon (and djpj), host of Better Than Sleep

5pm Queen Autumn, host of The Grasshopper Unit

6pm Screamer, host of Metal Madness

7pm Queen Autumn, host of The Grasshopper Unit (part 2)

8pm DJ Martha, host of Martha’s Tacos

9pm DJ Kiks, host of Saturday Night Time Machine

10pm Janna, host of Mix programming

Sunday, May 27th:

8am Mary, host of radio glitterpie

10am DJ who had no name, host of Texas Chainsaw Acoustic Hour

11am Judge Rage, host of The Death Sentence

noon Snake Peters, host of The Hip Hop Block w/Snake Peters

1pm DJ Elle, host of Let’s Do Coffee

2pm DJ Lux, host of Hottmess Radio

3pm DJ JC, host of Radio Whiteaker

4pm DJ Carma, host of New Haircut Radio

5pm DJ Kellsj, host of Rabbit Hole Radio

6pm DJs Perfidia and Diva, hosts of Dark Waters & Witching Hour

Online the web links are:

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 2 will continue to carry alumni programming in the event the softball game is on about 6pm… the UO Women’s Softball team is in the NCAA Super Regionals and KWVA is the voice of the team.