An Interview with Drowse and Kelp

Thanks to DJ Alright for submitting this week’s blog post, an interview with PNW band Drowse, and Japan-based group, Kelp! Listen to the interview above.

DJ Alright is a fan of any and all experimental music. The content of their KWVA show “Museum” (showtime at Wednesday 12-1 PM) ranges from black metal, to early electronic music, to ambient.

Drowse is the project of Kyle Bates along with a few collaborators, notably Floating Room’s Maya Stoner on the upcoming album “Light Mirror.” Drowse is a product of the Pacific Northwest — the guitar swells, tape distortion, and echoing, soft vocals call to mind endless rain and clouds (they have even been self-described as “gray pop”), and would appeal to fans of Grouper and Mount Eerie. Make no mistake, though — Drowse’s output stands in a class on its own. The detailed metaphors and concepts lyrically woven throughout the track “Cold Air,” (Drowse’s second-most-recent release) and “Light Mirror,” along with unflinching reflections on personal illness and loss, create a product that is as delicate as it is crushing. Drowse will be playing several shows in Oregon (including a Eugene date) later this July.

Kelp is Tomohide Ishibashi, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Sohta Setoguchi from Fukuoka, Japan. Their “far East cold sound” incorporates a wide range of influences, from jazz to ambient. Kelp’s songs are urgent and beautiful, and feature keyboard, trumpet, drums, and bass. Each member of the band is also involved in a variety of other projects (including the projects Sea Level and Macmanaman), further showcasing their ability to create and incorporate a wide variety of genres into a new experience.