DJ Spotlight: Chris Gierg (Abulikah)



DJ spotlights are a great way for you to meet the awesome students and community members behind the voices you hear on KWVA each day. Stay tuned for a DJ Spotlight every few weeks, and if you’re a DJ who’d like to be featured, email Sophie.

Check out this week’s spotlight with DJ Abulikah, host of “Notes from the Underground,” every Tuesday from 8-10 pm. Abulikah is a community member and UO alum here at the station. He’s been a KWVA DJ since July of 2003!

KWVA Music Blog: What kind of music do you typically play on your show?

Abulikah: I play experimental, noise, industrial, goth and other strange, bizarre, uncategorizable sounds; pushing, bending and twisting the porous boundaries of what most would consider ‘music’.

KWVA: Who is your favorite artist to play on the air and why?

A: Coil is my favorite band. their music is diverse and just mesmerizes my essence in ways that no other band has. RIP John & Sleazy.

KWVA: Favorite KWVA memory?

A: Recently broadcasting a live performance from the KWVA air conditioner. (Ha.)

KWVA: Who (artists or bands) have you been listening to this month?

A: Just picked up the Switched on Eugene comp–it’s local electronic music from the 80s.

KWVA: Do you have an on-air catch phrase?

A: Yes! “Join me as we stick our tongues out at the crystal palace of the established music genres.

KWVA: What is the best advice you have for new DJs on KWVA?

A: Play music that most others don’t.

KWVA: What would you like to see more of on the KWVA music blog?

A: Local music spotlights.

KWVA: Describe why you love music in less than 10 words.

A: Music doesn’t betray my trust.


Thanks, Chris!