QuackSmack: Friday 6/12/15

HOSTS: Matt Scotton, Chris Clayton, & Andrew Murray

6:00 Opening Remarks

6:03 NBA

  • Warriors even the series at 2-2
  • Has the average fan ever cared this little about the draft (June 25th)?
  • Do you care that Steve Kerr lied about his lineup?

6:20 NHL

  • Blackhawks even the series at 2-2
  • Does the Lighting need Ben Bishop to win?
  • Better series, NBA or NHL?
  • Coyotes latest

6:35 Soccer

  • USA vs Sweden Update
  • Added motivation tonight?

6:45 NCAA Track Championship

  • Update
  • Does Oregon need to win to be a successful season?

6:50 Final Thoughts

QuackSmack: Wednesday, 6/10/15

Hosts: Jonathan Style, Matt Scotton, Nick Rogers

6:00 NBA Finals

  • Recap Game 3
  • Dellavedova coming out of nowhere
  • Do Warriors have a chance to turn this series around?

6:15 MLB

  • Chris Heston no-hitter
  • How many more will we see this year?
  • Are no-hitters that big of a deal anymore?

6:30 Stanley Cup Finals

  • Can Blackhawks get back into this series?
  • Predictions for rest of series

6:40 eSports

  • Should video games be considered a sport?
  • Why is it gaining so much popularity?

6:50 One Shining Moment

  • Favorite sports memory while at UO