KWVA Eugene 88.1FM turns 20 this year and is celebrating by throwing a week long music and media festival called BETTERFEST!  KWVA wants to party with you May 13th – 18th! The festival culminates in three main stage concerts at the legendary WOW Hall featuring performances from your favorite college radio artists.


During the week leading up to the concerts enjoy a kick off party, record swap, hip-hop freestyle tournament, Small Howl local band showcase, unique radio programming, campus events, and participation of local businesses.

The three WOW Hall concerts will be completely free to all UO students. Thursday and Friday night shows will be $5 for non-students, and Saturday’s show will be $8. Events earlier in the week leading up to the concerts will have cover charges. For $20, anyone can purchase a VIP pass that will guarantee them entrance into ANY Betterfest event or concert.

Stay tuned to for more information concerning lineup announcments, event information, and how to get involved.

Ticket information: VIP passes on sale at

LINK: for updates and more details,


And check out our trailer! This is going to be the most awesome fest EVER!!!

Soundtap Madness Listening Tournament Starts Today

KWVA has been selected to participate in the “Soundtap Madness” college radio listening tournament for a 2nd year. We did pretty well last year and made it to the semi-finals. This year, Soundtap has made some improvements, including shorter rounds (just two days instead of three), making mobile devices compatible, and changing their selection criteria. KWVA is seeded #3 in our region, super exciting!

The tournament starts today, so be sure to go set-up your account and get ready to listen to KWVA via Soundtap… only listeners who are logged in to the Soundtap interface will count for the listening tournament. There are no commercials and this is not a profit driven venture, just a fun way to engage people in college radio listening.

More info at