QuackSmack: Tuesday, 6/5/18

HOSTS: Sean MacPherson, Ian Gerig, and Bill Braker

6:00  Oregon softball season ends in OKC

  • What went wrong for the Ducks?
  • Oregon’s inconsistency in phases of the game
  • Mental fatigue, physical fatigue, or both?
  • What is the blueprint to make the title game?
  • Will the Ducks be back next year and beyond?
  • Live look at UW vs, FSU

6:30  GUEST: Joey McMurry (Oregon IMG)

6:45  Warriors up 2-0 against Cavaliers

  • Expectations for the rest of the series?
  • LeBron James leaving Cleveland after this series?

QuackSmack: Monday, 6/4/18

HOSTS: Marc Grandi, Ethan Wyss, and Mark Wang

6:00  Oregon softball’s season cut short in OKC

  • Oregon’s offense sputters vs. UW and FSU
  • Disappointing end to what was a fantastic season
  • Why does Oregon continue to struggle in OKC?
  • Did Ducks miss best chance to win with four seniors leaving?
  • Quick look at the UW-FSU in progress

6:30  GUEST: Mike White (Oregon Softball Head Coach)

6:40  Warriors take 2-0 lead to Cleveland

  • Curry-Durant relationship, shot selection
  • Do you feel bad for LeBron James?
  • If the series ended today, who’s the Finals MVP?
  • Predicting James’ free agent destination