QuackSmack: Thursday, 6/7/18

HOSTS: Marc Grandi, Alex Castle, and Matt Tyra

QuackSmack is live from the Valley River Inn. Watch live on Twitter @KWVASports.

6:00  Wrapping up Oregon softball’s season

  • Quick season recap
  • Season awards
    • MVP, MIP, Off. Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, Def. Player of the Year
  • Do the Ducks make it back to OKC next season?

6:25  A look at the 2018 MLB Draft

  • Four Ducks taken — do any come back to Eugene?
  • Oregon State ace Luke Heimlich not selected

6:35  Warriors take 3-0 lead in NBA Finals

  • Cleveland finally gives LeBron James some help, but still loses
  • Durant’s Game 3 performance is best since ______?
  • Is Friday’s Game 4 James’ last as a Cavalier?

6:50  All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:55  The FCC Won’t Let Me Be, Vol. XXX

QuackSmack: Wednesday, 6/6/18

HOSTS: Matt Tyra, Sean MacPherson, and Gabe Ornelas

6:00 Oregon SB, Pac-12 Fall Short in WCWS to End 2018

  • Florida State nabs championship for the ACC
  • What to make of team’s underachievement in OKC?
  • Looking back on Oregon’s record-breaking 2018
  • Answering next year’s most pressing questions

6:30 GUEST: Jonathan Style (KEZI Sports Anchor)

6:40 NBA Finals Game 3 Underway

  • Checking in live on the action
  • Buying/selling possible Cavs adjustments
  • Outside of the series, what is at stake in this game?