QuackSmack: Tuesday, (5/31/22)

Hosts: Jonah Bruneau, Austin Ota, Dylan Farrell


6:00 Oregon Baseball Makes Field of 64 in NCAA Tournament

  • First game against Michigan Wolverines (32-26)
  • How should we feel about Oregon after rough PAC-12 tournament?
  • Can they win the regional?
  • What needs to change or improve in order to do so?

6:35 Oregon Football Recruitment and Visits Continue

  • How big of an impact has Coach Lanning already made on this program?
  • What should we expect from Oregon Football in the near future?

6:45 Pro Sports Talk

  • Preview of Celtics/Warriors NBA Finals
  • Stanley Cup Conference Finals
  • Latest around the MLB

QuackSmack: Monday, (5/30/22)

Hosts: Ryan Milano, Levi Profitt, Alex Roth

6:00 Oregon Baseball headed to Louisville

  • Is this a good draw for the Ducks
  • Who is the biggest challenge for Oregon
  • What should Eugene fans expect from the postseason
  • What happened in the Pac-12 Tournament?

6:40 Oregon Football landing more recruits

  • What is the expectation for the Ducks next year?
  • How far can Dan Lanning take this team?