KWVA Sports: The Conference Call Ep. 7

In this week’s episode, the Directors discuss Oregon Softball’s stacked roster next season, NFL Schedule quirks, and reflect on their favorite memories with KWVA. Plus, in the second half of the episode, Pac-12 Sirius XM Today Producer Dan Lynch joins the show to discuss the future of the NCAA and Pac-12.

QuackSmack: Wednesday, 3/11/20

Hosts: Sean MacPherson, Alex Roth, Levi Profitt

6:00 COVID-19 Implications for Oregon

  • UO makes a significant announcement
  • March Madness affected by the epidemic
  • Oregon athletics implication

6:13 Oregon Women’s Basketball Eyes NCAA Tourney

  • Legendary 19-game run for the Ducks
  • Likely that Ducks won’t leave the state until final four
  • Potential matchups down the road?

6:25 GUEST: Dan Lynch (Sirius XM Pac-12 Today)

6:35 Oregon Men’s Basketball Ready for Vegas

  • Pac-12 tournament underway
  • Ducks vs. Beavers in second round
  • Emergence of role players for the Ducks

6:45 Oregon Softball Heads to the Bay for Four Games

  • Ducks defeat Saint Marys 4-0
  • Oregon now 22-2
  • Opening Pac-12 series coming up for Oregon

6:54 Oregon Baseball Gears up for Pac-12 Opener

  • Hardest opponent to date for the Ducks
  • Looking to carry momentum from closer in Hawaii