QuackSmack: Wednesday, 6/2/21

Hosts: Adam Susman, Ryan Milano, Ethan Hartley

6:00 Oregon Softball Makes Imprint on All-American Teams

  • Busy couple of days for Haley Cruse
  • What’s next for Brooke Yanez

6:10 Oregon Baseball Regional Two Days Away

  • Pitching not peaking for Oregon
  • Looking at the bracket
  • Atmosphere expectations

6:25 The Duck Dundies

  • Athlete of the year, *newcomer of the year, *game of the year, *surprise on the year, *coach of the year, *play of the year, *comeback player of the year, *dynamic duo of the year, *funniest duck moment of the year, *performance of the year *team of the year

6:45 NBA Time

  • Lillard brilliance still a loss
  • Ainge steps down in Boston, Brad Stevens now in the front office
  • Suns dominance
  • Nets v Bucks, best series of the playoffs?