QuackSmack: Wednesday, 4/7/21

Hosts: Adam Susman, Jonah Rosenburg, Ryan Milano

6:00 College Basketball Round-Up

  • Big transfer news from Oregon WBB & MBB
  • Trying to guess what each team look like in 2021/22
  • Best and worst moments from 2020/21 for each Oregon side
  • Favorite moment from each CBB tournament (other than Suggs)

6:25 Guest: Julian Mininsohn

6:35 Oregon Soccer Consistently Inconsistent

  • Tournament hopes most likely dead
  • Important weekend in Washington
  • Big News from Graeme Abel today

6:45 Ranked Weekends Ahead for the Diamond Sports

  • Baseball suffers midweek loss to U Portland
  • Biggest weekend of the year coming for Softball
  • Grading both teams seasons near the midway point