QuackSmack: Friday, 4/2/21

Hosts: Thomas Codiga, Kent Williams and Dylan Reubenking

6:00 Oregon Football Pro Day

  • Which UO players have the highest potential to become successful NFL players?
  • Where will the top Duck NFL prospects land in the draft?
  • With Sewell, Breeze, Lenoir, Scott and Holland going pro, what is their legacy?

6:15 Oregon Basketball (Both Teams)

  • Final thoughts on this season?
  • Where does Chris Duarte rank among the best Ducks players?
  • Which players were the most disappointing and which were the most surprising?
  • Where do Graves and Altman rank among the elite coaches in College Basketball?
  • Outlook for next season.

6:30 Oregon Baseball

  • What to make of the Ducks being the #20 team in the nation?
  • Which players have been the most surprising?
  • Predictions for this weekend’s series against New Mexico State?

6:40 MLB Opening Day

  • Which teams in the NL can defeat the Dodgers?
  • Teams worth watching this season?
  • Is this the year the Yankees make it over the hump?
  • MVP Predictions.