QuackSmack: Wednesday, 3/11/20

Hosts: Sean MacPherson, Alex Roth, Levi Profitt

6:00 COVID-19 Implications for Oregon

  • UO makes a significant announcement
  • March Madness affected by the epidemic
  • Oregon athletics implication

6:13 Oregon Women’s Basketball Eyes NCAA Tourney

  • Legendary 19-game run for the Ducks
  • Likely that Ducks won’t leave the state until final four
  • Potential matchups down the road?

6:25 GUEST: Dan Lynch (Sirius XM Pac-12 Today)

6:35 Oregon Men’s Basketball Ready for Vegas

  • Pac-12 tournament underway
  • Ducks vs. Beavers in second round
  • Emergence of role players for the Ducks

6:45 Oregon Softball Heads to the Bay for Four Games

  • Ducks defeat Saint Marys 4-0
  • Oregon now 22-2
  • Opening Pac-12 series coming up for Oregon

6:54 Oregon Baseball Gears up for Pac-12 Opener

  • Hardest opponent to date for the Ducks
  • Looking to carry momentum from closer in Hawaii