QuackSmack: Wednesday, 2/12/20

Hosts: Jordan Brenner, Alex Roth and Levi Profitt

6:00 Oregon Women’s Basketball Headed to Los Angeles

  • With March on the horizon, Oregon seems to be peaking
  • Previewing UCLA and USC
  • Can Oregon get better?

6:15 GUEST: Matt Tyra (Former Voice of Oregon Softball)

6:25 Oregon Softball Heads East for the Houston Tournament

  • Diving into the strengths and weaknesses of the roster
  • Notables from the 5-0 start
  • Four Alternating games with Houston and Dayton

6:35 Oregon Men’s Basketball Hosting the Mountain Schools

  • Previewing Pivotal Pac-12 Matchup with Colorado
  • A loss means…
  • Dominos that need to fall for Oregon to turn their season around

6:50 Mark Wasikowski Era Set to Begin Friday vs. Minnesota for Oregon Baseball

  • Roster strengths and weaknesses
  • Wasikowski goes for experience in the starting rotation
  • What does a successful weekend look like?