QuackSmack: Tuesday, 2/11/20

Hosts: Adam Susman, Jonah Rosenburg, Sam Greenville

6:00 Oregon Women’s Basketball Cruise Past Ranked Arizona Schools

  • More impressed with the Ducks defense or offense?
  • Well rounded scoring in both contests
  • Should UCLA on the road frighten Oregon at all?
  • Taking a look at the national scene, Vegas picking the Ducks

6:20 GUEST: Joey McMurry (Oregon Sports Network)

6:30 Oregon Men’s Basketball Flounder at Gil Coliseum

  • Pritchard and Duarte outscore the rest of the roster again
  • Worried how the Ducks finished
  • Lack of a true center a valid excuse?
  • What’s the next level? If there even is one

6:45 Oregon Softball Better than Advertised in Mexico

  • Oregon gives up two runs the entire weekend
  • What impressed you most
  • Pitching excellence vs batting average bonanza
  • Looking forward