QuackSmack: Wednesday, 9/18/19

Hosts: Sean MacPherson, Sam Tidrick Schmidt, Jonah Rosenburg

6:00 Oregon Football Opens Pac-12 Play on Saturday

  • Evaluating this years Pac-12, how confident are you in Oregon to succeed?
  • Where Oregon is good, where they need to improve
  • Deep dive on Stanford
  • Keys to the game, key players

6:30 GUEST: Oregon Volleyball Head Coach Matt Ulmer

6:40 Oregon Volleyball Guts Out Win vs. Princeton

  • How to feel about Oregon’s road trip thus far
  • Areas of improvements needed before Pac-12 play
  • Previewing Hofstra Invitational

6:50 Oregon Soccer Faces Buffalo in Last Match Before Conference Play

  • Successful preseason?
  • How confident should Oregon be heading into gauntlet of Pac-12
  • How this team differs from years past