QuackSmack: Friday, 6/14/19

HOSTS: Matt Tyra, Alex Castle, and Jonathan Rifkind

6:00 The Raptors Are Your 2019 NBA Champions

  • Game 6 eerily similar to Game 5, but the Raptors pull it out this time
  • Kawhi takes the lead, but Lowry, Gasol, Ibaka, and VanVleet shine too
  • Raptors prove risk-taking pays off; who should take the next big leap of faith?
  • Another injury to another star; where do Klay’s knee, KD’s Achilles leave GSW?

6:30 GUEST: Marc Grandi (Former KWVA Sports Director)

6:35 State of Oregon Programs Review

  • Summarizing fall, winter, and spring sports

6:50 Jon and Matt Say Goodbye