QuackSmack: Friday, 5/31/19

Hosts: Adam Susman, MichaeI Abbott, Trent Shigut

6:03 Taking a Look at Game One of the NBA Finals

  • Kawhi Leonard not at his best, but Raptors still pick up the win
  • Pascal Siakam plays terrific in his first NBA Finals game
  • What went wrong for the Warriors?
  • Does this prove the Warriors need KD to win the series?

6:25 90 Days Until Oregon takes on Auburn in Dallas

  • What deems the upcoming season a successful one?
  • Taking a look at the tough away schedule for the Ducks starting with Auburn
  • Chances another Heisman trophy comes back to Eugene?
  • Season predictions

6:40 Expectations for Oregon Athletics in the Fall.

  • Soccer, WBB, MBB, Volleyball?
  • Which team exceeds expectations?
  • Do any teams take a step back from last year?

6:54 Champions League Final

  • What storylines are you looking forward to?
  • Do Tottenham start Harry Kane?
  • Predictions for tomorrows match