DJ Spotlight: Luigi Ghersi

For this week’s DJ Spotlight, get to know Luigi Ghersi, host of “Shocker In Gloomtown,” every Friday from 11 am-noon on KWVA. His show features mostly ’80s, ’90s, and contemporary indie/alternative rock. Luigi moved to Eugene during the Summer of 2017 and is currently working towards a masters degree in architecture at the UO. He was born in Lima, Peru, but lived most of his life in Salt Lake City, Utah before coming to Eugene.

KWVA: How did you choose your show name, “Shocker In Gloomtown”?

L: “Shocker In Gloomtown” is the name of a track by one of my favorite bands, Guided By Voices. Oregon weather can be pretty gloomy, and since I usually play pretty energetic, loud music, I thought it would be fitting to the context of the show.

KWVA: When did you get involved in KWVA and why?

Luigi: I figured it would be a fun way to get involved with the school outside of my department. I also thought it would be a great way to meet people that are into similar bands as me.

KWVA: Who is your favorite artist to play on the air and why?

L: The Mats! The Replacements hold a special place in my heart. I started listening to them during a very defining period in my life. There’s something so brutally honest and authentic in Paul Westerberg’s singing that fascinates me and that now makes me feel nostalgic for a time when I started my own band and fell in love for the first time. I think the first track I’ve ever listened from them is “Kids Don’t Follow,” and I was instantly enamored with the group. They are also a flagship band of “college radio” so it’s always fitting to play, I think.

KWVA: Are you involved in other music-related projects/hobbies outside of the station?

L: I used to have a band back in Salt Lake called Chalk. These days, I record music at home when I have extra time (which is rare), but I haven’t produced anything I feel proud enough to share so far. I really miss playing shows and being involved in local scenes, though.

KWVA: If you could eat or drink one thing in the studio while doing yourshow, what would it be and why?

L: An herb chicken and brown rice Sustain Bowl from the EMU cafe. It’s such a good deal and it has been “sustaining” me through grad school so far.

KWVA: Is there a specific artist or band you’d like to meet one day? Who, and why?

L: I would love to have a beer with Paul Westerberg, and skateboard with J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. For a while, I really looked up to them. They would probably find me annoying, to be honest, so maybe I shouldn’t.

Thanks, Luigi!