QuackSmack: Thursday, 1/10/19

Hosts: Alex Castle, Matt Tyra and Jordan Brenner


6:03 Oregon Football Updates and Opinions

  • Troy Dye returning for senior season
  • Most Overrated/Underrated players heading into 2019
  • 2019 Predictions

6:25 Oregon WBB Heads to LA for PAC-12 Road Openers

  • Breaking down USC and UCLA
  • Areas for improvement in Pac-12 play?
  • Over/Under on Ducks’ conference losses this year

6:35 Oregon MBB Hosts UCLA

  • Live update from MKA with Bill Braker
  • Thoughts on the game
  • Reasons why to keep watching this team

6:50 All Aboard the Bandwagon

6:55 The FCC Won’t Let Me Be