QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: 11/10/17

Hosts: Maverick PallackTyler Kastan and Nick Baxter

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

6:00 Preview of the Sheldon Playoff Game

  • Marc Grandi previews Sheldon’s game against Central Catholic tonight at 7 (Listen on 88.1 FM or live stream)

6:05 Oregon Volleyball

  • Sweep over ASU
  • Preview of match against U of A
  • Are there anymore losses to find in the schedule?
  • What needs to be seen by the end of the season?

6:20 Oregon WBB Tips-off the Season

  • High expectations
  • Another Freshman phenom?
  • Is Ionescu the most important player in CBB?

6:30 Oregon MBB With Fresh Faces

  • Who scores points for this team?
  • Is Pritchard “the guy” to watch?
  • Most important new player this year

6:40 Oregon Football is Off, But CFB Is Not

  • What can Oregon do this week to prepare for Arizona?
  • CFB Rankings and predictions

Friday Night Spotlight (6:55-10:00)