DJ Spotlight: The Lonely Guy of The Lonely Guy Radio Program!

The spotlight’s on The Lonely Guy from The Lonely Guy Radio Program! Scroll on to read about a true legend – on our airwaves since 1993!


About The Lonely Guy

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Show time: Saturday, 10 – noon, Spring 2016

Show description: I typically play tracks from the CMJ Top 200 and KWVA’s most recent rotation.

Artists commonly played on show: I’ve been playing the new Ra Ra Riot, Bloc Party, The 1975, and stuff like that.

How long have you been a DJ? I started with KWVA in 1993.


Top 5 albums of 2015:
iii by Miike Snow
Wiped Out! by The Neighbourhood
Seeds by TV On The Radio
Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett
No Life For Me by Wavves & Cloud Nothings

How did you get involved with KWVA?

I had just moved to Eugene and heard an ad for DJs, so I applied. They held “auditions” at 4 am and I was the only person who showed up.

Tell us your favorite moment/memory as a DJ:

Far too many to list, but – We had Frank Black in the studio one afternoon. He picked up a piece of paper and wrote, “Only, only, only The Lonely. Keep playin’ the sh*t. Your friend, Frank.” I’m a HUGE Pixies fan, and the paper is currently framed and hanging on my office wall.

What makes your show unique?

I suppose the fact that my show is older than most of our DJs.

If you could play only one album on the radio for the rest of your DJ career, what would it be?

Husker Du’s Warehouse Songs and Stories.

How did you come up with your DJ name and show name?

Back in the day, I was training on a 4-6 am shift and a caller told me that I had to be the loneliest guy in Eugene. Thus, “The Lonely Guy Radio Program” was born.

Dream guest to have on your show?

From a music standpoint, it would be Beck. Although Neil Young would be cool too.

Any influences for your show or as a DJ?

I was pretty heavily influenced by the early days of MTV. Growing up in small-town Indiana, it was THE source of new music for us and early videos exposed us to artists that our local radio stations wouldn’t play.

Anything else you’d like the world to know about you as a DJ? Or your show?

There is no way for me to properly express the privilege it has been to be a part of KWVA or my thanks for allowing me to be a part of earth’s greatest college radio station.

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Thanks for the interview and everything over the past 23 years, Lonely Guy! If you’re interested in being the next DJ in the spotlight, contact