DJ Spotlight: Mr. Delicious of This Is Not a Drug Deal

This week, we’ve thrown KWVA DJ Mr. Delicious from This Is Not a Drug Deal into the spotlight! Since this is not a drug deal, find out what this show and Mr. Delicious are really about.

11227250_10152869946532151_87823888_oDJ name: Mr. Delicious

Show title: This Is Not a Drug Deal.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Show time and day: Fridays 10-11am, Spring 2015

How long have you been a DJ? A year and a half.

Artists you commonly play on the show?

The Strokes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Queen, Death Grips, Kishi Bashi, The Front Bottoms, Mac Demarco, Man Man.


How would you describe your show?

A sonic multi-vitamin tailored to the depths of your soul and the surface level pop culture preferences of your extended family.

What made you want to be a DJ?

I had a few buddies in Corvallis who did the whole radio thing and when I transferred I thought it would be fun. I’m just a little boy trynna change the world one jam at a time. . .

Tell us your favorite moment/memory as a DJ:

There was an extended period of time where DJ Brosky, DJ Kayleigh, and I would play Into The Ocean by Blue October every show and hauntingly mumble over the top of it. That and James.

What makes your show unique?

You never know what you’re going to get. I never know what I’m going to get. Most of the time I’m just way too excited about everything and refer to other DJs as my children. I take a lot of requests and read the front page of yahoo sometimes. I like people to be cuddled by confusion J.

Any influences for your show or as a DJ?

I can’t really explain why, but my fascination with Tiny Tim was a big thing in me doing this radio show. Boring drives with no AUX cord. That’s a major influence.

Anything else you’d like the world to know about you as a DJ? Or your show?

No matter what anyone may say, your heart is full of dolphins.

Thanks, Mr. Delicious! If you’re interested in being the next featured DJ of the week, contact