Matisse’s Valentine’s Day Playlist & Art <3

V-day may be over and done, but our KWVA Volunteers can’t stop sharing the love! Check out Matisse Coxen’s lovely playlist. 

Valentine’s Day is totally overrated right? At least that’s what I always tell myself, but it just gets to me every year. All the pink and red hearts and the chocolate—how can you hate it? The whole idea is sweet, it’s about appreciation for any and everyone. This playlist is perfect for Valentine’s Day whether you’re just hanging out with friends, relaxing alone, or with someone special. It’s short n’ sweet and full of some of my favorites. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

– Matisse Coxen, KWVA Volunteer

Listen to the playlist here!

Artwork by Matisse Coxen

Logic Throws Down at McDonald Theater

This past Tuesday, rapper Logic captivated a sold out crowd at McDonald Theater. In case you missed it, KWVA DJ Zane Eby was there to catch the action. 

Most rappers need a hype-man or two to keep the energy up during performances. Logic on the other hand, lit up a sold out McDonald Theatre with just one mic.


Image by @jayh914 via Instagram

No drummer, no back-up singers, nothing. From the very first song it was apparent the dude can rap. Fan favorites like ‘Alright’ and ‘I Am The Greatest’ had McDonald shaking. His performance was simply sublime, giving hip-hop heads the old time cuts they wanted like ‘I’m Gone’, as well as the casual fans the wide-spread hits such as ‘Fade Away.’ There was something for everybody.


Image by @mofreak541 via Instagram

The 26 year old rapper from Maryland is in the middle of his worldwide tour for his sophomore album titled The Incredible True Story. His album beat the likes of prominent rap figures TY$ and Jeezy in first week sales, going number one on the hip-hop charts. Logic makes it look easy to rap fast with depth in lyricism, yet he stays humble. From his own words “I represent peace love and positivity.”

Zane Eby


Image by @CPriming via Twitter