QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: Friday 9/8/17

HOSTS: Cameron Derby and Tyler Kastan 

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

6:00 Checking in on Local High Schools

  • Thurston vs. Willamette with Alex Castle
  • Sheldon vs. Sunset with Marc Grandi
  • South Eugene vs. Churchill with Jonathan Rifkind

6:10 Oregon Football Gets Big Test vs. Nebraska at Autzen Stadium 

  • How has this game changed since last season’s matchup?
  • Defensively, where is growth needed after watching last week?
  • Will we see the same offensive explosion we saw last week?
  • How does the Oregon RB’s stack up against the Nebraska Defense?
  • Predictions?

6:30 Oregon Soccer Returns Home vs Idaho

  • Breaking down what happened in the matchup

6:40 Oregon Volleyball Takes on #23 Wichita State at the Nike Classic 

  • Breaking down what happened vs Cal Poly on Thursday
  • Live hit with Matt Tyra at Matthew Knight Arena
  • How important is another top 25 victory?

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-10:00)

  • Thurston-Willamette football (7:00-9:45)
    • Alex Castle and Collin Catman
    • 88.1 FM until 7:50 p.m. and KWVA2 until completion
  • Oregon-Wichita State Volleyball (8:00-10:00)

QuackSmack/Friday Night Spotlight: Friday, 9/1/17

HOSTS: Cameron Derby, Tyler Kastan, Drake Hills

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

6:00  Checking in on Local High Schools

  • Sheldon-Southridge with Marc Grandi
  • Thurston-Ridgeview with Alex Castle
  • South Eugene-Franklin with Jonathan Rifkind

6:10  Oregon Football Opens vs. Southern Utah at Autzen Stadium

  • Expectations for the offense. Is this a run-away game?
  • How long can we expect to see the starters?
  • Which offensive positions core are you watching closest?
  • What can we expect from the Oregon defense?
  • Predictions

6:30  Oregon Volleyball Continues the Oregon Classic

  • Oregon sweeps Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Previewing tonight’s match vs. Loyola Marymount
  • Visiting Matt Tyra at Matt Knight Arena

6:45 Oregon Soccer Resumes Season vs. Oklahoma 

  • Breaking down the match

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-10:00)

  • Sheldon-Southridge football (7:00-9:45)
    • Marc Grandi and Collin Catman
    • 88.1 FM until 7:50 and KWVA2 until completion
  • Oregon-Loyola Marymount Volleyball (8:00-10:00)