Friday Night Spotlight/QuackSmack: Friday, February 10th

Hosts: Alex Castle, Nick Baxter, and Maverick Pallack 

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

6:00 FNS Preview 

6:05 Oregon MBB folds in LA 

  • Lonzo Ball puts it away in final minutes
  • Offensive collapse or impressive UCLA defense?
  • Where do the Ducks go from here?
  • USC on Saturday

6:28 WBB taking on UCLA tonight 

  • Live update at MKA from Shawn Medow
  • Formula to the upset, and how are they doing at it?
  • Challenges of this weekend

6:40 Day 2 of Duck Softball at Kajikawa Classic 

  • Offense shines, Kleist dominates Day 1
  • Ducks run-rule SJSU, take down first ranked opponent
  • Freshmen pitchers headline Day 2
  • Strong start, what stands out?

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-8:30)

Extra Friday Night Spotlight (8:30-9:00) 

8:30 Reactions to WBB result vs. UCLA 

8:45 Kajikawa Classic Day 3-4 Preview 

  • Positives/Negatives so far
  • What should we see the rest of the weekend?
  • What more do we need to see?

QuackSmack: Friday, 2/3/17

Hosts: Austin Cracraft, Tyler Kastan, and Naveed Habibelahian

6:00 Live Hit- Chris Clayton from Sheldon High School

6:06 MBB ahead of biggest game of the season

  • Concerns after ASU?
  • How does a win impact their season? A loss?
  • Are we watching Pritchard blossom before our eyes?

6:20 National Signing Day

  • What was needed? Did Taggert and Co. accomplish that?
  • Names to watch for Duck fans
  • How negative publicity may have played into it

6:35 Lady Ducks in action against U of A

  • What we’ve seen tonight
  • Previewing ASU
  • Goal for the weekend, split?

Friday Night Spotlight: High School Girls’ Basketball – Sheldon vs. Roseburg with Chris Clayton and Collin Catman

After the conclusion of Sheldon vs. Roseburg

  • Recap of WBB vs AZ
  • Oregon Baseball season right around the corner
    • Non-Conference Schedule Breakdown
    • Spots of weakness?
  • UO Baseball/Softball trivia
  • Super Bowl Predictions
  • Pet Peeved
    • Austin asks the group whether his pet peeve is warranted