QuackSmack: Friday, (5/6/22)

Hosts: Dylan Farrell, Logan Thompson, Ben Schoenfield, Blaine Schiele

7:00-7:20 Oregon SB takes on Stanford in first of three games in Palo Alto

  • How did the offense fare against a stingy Stanford bullpen?
  • Oregon pitching performance analysis
  • Battle for 1B
  • Postseason hopes and expectations

7:20-7:40 Oregon BB opens series against Oregon State

  • Close loss to OSU on Tuesday
    • Is the shutout cause for concern?
  • Game updates and analysis from Friday’s game vs. OSU
  • Series predictions
  • Has the pitching finally turned a corner?
    • Does Oregon have a reliable starter yet?
    • Is the bullpen’s current success sustainable?
  • Series predictions

7:40-8:00 Other Oregon sports updates

  • Women’s lacrosse season concludes
    • Blowout loss to no. 17 Stanford in Pac-12 semifinals (21-9)
  • How’s men’s lacrosse going?
    • Closed season on May 1 vs. Boise State
    • Finish with 7-6 record
  • Acrobatics and tumbling
    • Oregon wins Trio Tumbling thanks to NCATA correction

8:00-8:30 Today in the MLB

  • Team trends
  • Who’s for real?
  • Standout players
  • Way-too-early awards picks

8:30-9:00 NBA Playoffs

  • Biggest surprises so far
  • Favorites to win it all
  • Finals MVP candidates so far

9:00-9:30 NHL Playoffs

  • Surprises from the first round so far
  • Hot takes
  • Series predictions and brackets
  • Shesterkin’s 79-save 3OT loss and the Pens’ revolving door of goaltending
  • Sweep watch: Canes vs. Bruins and Avalanche vs. Predators

9:30-10:00 Best and worst from the world of sports

  • Favorite and least favorite moments of the week, as selected by our panelists

QuackSmack: Friday, 3/18/22

Hosts: Sam Schmidt, Dylan Farrell, Justin Grossweiner and Logan Thompson

6:00 Oregon WBB: Tournament Time for the Ducks.

  • Introductions.
  • Oregon vs Belmont Preview.
  • Keys to the game for the Ducks.
  • Predictions.

6:20 Oregon MBB: Ducks Still Alive in the NIT

  • Reaction to Oregon win over Utah State.
  • Can the momentum carry over?
  • Oregon vs Texas A&M Preview.
  • Predictions.

6:40 Oregon Diamond Sports: Baseball and Softball

  • Oregon SB loss to Utah.
  • Oregon BB series win at Stanford
  • How has the perception of diamond sports changed on campus?

7:00 NCAA MBB Tournament: Unreal Opening Round

  • Reaction to the first two days of the NCAA Tournament.
  • How does that bracket look?
  • Who is your must watch team?
  • And the winner is…?

7:25 Guest: Kate Rogerson (KEZI 9)

7:45 NCAA WBB Tournament: Day One in the Books

  • Thoughts on day one.
  • Predictions for the weekend matchups.
  • Long-term tournament predictions. .

8:00  Pro Basketball: NBA Playoffs Approach

  • Most competitive season in years.
  • Which team is the baddest beast in the East?
  • Who is the very best of the West.
  • Your MVP today?
  • Dream conference finals matchups.

8:20 What Offseason: NFL and MLB Trades, Signings and Returns 

  • NFL trades of note.
  • Reaction to the weeks movement.
  • Brady, it’s like you never left!
  • MLB trades and signings of notes.
  • Early favorites.

8:40 Best and Worst from Campus, The Country and the Entire Sports World.

  • What were the best and worst sports moments of the week?
  • Preview the weekend in sports.
  • National TV schedule.
  • Salutations and goodnights.