Friday Night Spotlight/QuackSmack: Friday, 1/6/17

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00)

Hosts: Alex Castle and Chris Clayton

6:00 MBB looks to sweep Washington schools

  • Keys to the game vs. WSU
  • What’s this team’s best lineup?
  • Concerns moving forward/Next challenge to face

6:20 WBB searches for first PAC-12 win 

  • Ionescu set to return from injury at Stanford
  • How does Oregon pull the upset?
  • Is there too much pressure on Ionescu?

6:35 Chip Kelly gets the ax 

  • Overall thoughts on firing
  • Does this bitter the hiring of Taggert at all?
  • What’s next for the former Duck coach

6:50 Final thoughts on CFP Championship 

  • Score predictions
  • Was this an exciting year of CFB?

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-8:30) 

  • 5A Boys Basketball (Thurston vs. Marist Catholic)

Remaining Friday Night Spotlight (~8:30-9:00)

8:30 NFL Wildcard Weekend 

  • Breaking down each game
  • Breaking down biggest playoff storylines
  • Choices for NFL Awards (MVP, DPOY, COTY, ROTY)

Friday Night Spotlight/QuackSmack: Friday, 12/9/16

QuackSmack (6:00-7:00) 

Hosts: Alex Castle, Zach Bigley, and Maverick Pallack 

6:00 The Taggert Era Begins 

  • Like/Dislike?
  • What does this hire mean for the state of Duck Football?
  • Challenges facing Taggert

6:30 WBB taking on Portland at MKA 

  • Live hit from MKA 
  • Coming down final stretch of non-conference play, what challenges remain?
  • Is there anything left for this team to prove before PAC-12 play?
  • When does the rotation need to be whittled down?

6:45 MBB hosts Alabama on Sunday

  • Where your confidence meter at for this team?
  • What do we need to see from them?

Friday Night Spotlight (7:00-8:45) 

  • 6A Boys’ Basketball: Sheldon vs. Newberg

Extra Friday Night Spotlight (8:45-10:00)

8:45 How to evaluate Willie Taggert

  • Reasonable expectations for Year 1
  • Expectations for his tenure

9:00 The state of NCAA Women’s Basketball

  • UCONN crushes “#2” Notre Dame, where’s the competition?
  • Struggling to make itself viewable, can anything be done?

9:15 CFB Awards last night, Hesiman tomorrow 

  • Who takes home the trophy?
  • What should the qualifications for the winner really be?

9:30 Thursday Night Football

  • Do you watch it?
  • High quality matchup last night with downright bad football
  • What changes need to be made?

9:40 Breaking down the NFL

  • NFC: Buy or sell the Cowboys as favorites
  • AFC: Will anybody really knock off Brady and the Pats?
  • Contenders of each conference