QuackSmack: Thursday, 3/11/21

Hosts: Thomas Codiga, Dylan Reubenking, Elias Esquivel

6:00 Oregon Baseball

  • What to expect in upcoming series against #16 OSU after sweeping #7 UCSB?
  • Can Aaron Zavala continue his tear for the rest of the season?
  • Which player will have a strong weekend against OSU?

6:10 Oregon Women’s Basketball

  • Dissappointing end of season for the Ducks.
  • What are the Duck’s ceiling in the NCAA Tournament?
  • Going into the NCAA Tournament, which player will emerge as the #1 option on offense?
  • Which players have suprised this season, which have dissappointed?

6:25 Oregon Men’s Basketball

  • Potential rematch against USC in PAC-12 Championship?
  • Which Duck’s player was the most surprising in a strong season thus far?
  • Predictions for the Duck’s performance in PAC-12 Tournament.
  • Is this Duck’s team destined to make a run in the NCAA Tournament?

6:45 NBA Basketball

  • Which struggling team will turn it around and make the playoffs?
  • Which team has been the most impressive thus far?
  • Are the Nets the favorite to come out of the East after the addition of Blake Griffin?