Album of the Week:

Black Marble It’s Immaterial (2016) Review by: Jonathan Roensch 

I chose to review It’s Immaterial by Black Marble because it’s something I’m listening to during this quarantine. I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering Black Marble, I had known a few songs from this album but I hadn’t heard the album in entirety. The album is a fantastic, dream pop, nostalgic, time capsule with 80s synthwave undertones. It has eleven tracks that encapsulate a range of emotions and sounds that I’ve really come to adore. The album begins with a bizarre introduction song filled with different noises and sounds. After that, a fast tempo fades into a more mellow, relaxed track. Each song paints a picture in its own way and strikes a different emotion in every chord change. The songs have an overall mellow, nostalgic tone with glimpses of joy hidden in the keys. It’s Immaterial is a melodic echo chamber of an album, each track within the album holds soft reverberations that really fill the ear. This album reminds me of early John Maus, New Order, The Radio Dept. & Part Time. 

I recommend tracks: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11