QuackSmack: Tuesday, 12/10/19

Hosts: Bill Braker, Kent Willians, Matt Lichens

6:00: Oregon Football Set To Play in the 106th Rose Bowl

  • Previewing Matchup
  • Wisconsin or Penn State
  • 2012 Rose Bowl Recap
  • Looking over Conference Awards
  • Conversation on other Semi-final Games

6:25: GUEST: Joey McMurry

6:35: Men’s Basketball Gears Up To Take on #5 Michigan

  • Initial Thoughts on Michigan
  • What we learned in the Hawaii Win
  • Gelling Early, Looking Good: Overreaction?
  • Power in Playing 3 Top 10 Teams So far

6:50: Women’s Basketball Collects Themselves After Loss

  • Another Record Broken by Ionescu
  • Holly Winterburn Finally Catches Fire