QuackSmack: Tuesday, 12/3/19

Hosts: Adam Susman, Jonah Rosenburg, Matt Lichens

6:00 Oregon Football Struggles in Civil War Victory

  • Offense in a funk for the second consecutive week
  • What’s up with Justin Herbert?
  • If Lutton was there for OSU would it have been a different story?

6:13 Ducks Turning their Attention to Utah

  • How dominate are the Utes
  • What should scare Oregon the most?
  • Utah playing for a playoff spot
  • What chances do you give the Ducks?

6:25 GUEST: Erik Skopil (247 Sports)

6:35 #13 Oregon Men’s Basketball have Mixed Results in the Bahamas

  • Ducks struggle early in each game
  • More confident after the tournament?
  • What did you see that surprised you and/or disappointed you?

6:48 #3 Oregon Women’s Basketball Upset against Louisville

  • Oregon’s stars go cold
  • Anything to worry about?
  • What’s their apparent weakness