Oregon Football Pregame Show (10/11/19)

Hosts: Adam Susman, Kent Williams

6:00 Oregon vs Colorado

  • Atmosphere expectations for tonight’s contest
  • Importance of this game for both teams
  • How will the short week impact this game if at all?

6:10 Ducks Defense

  • Anyway the single digit streak is alive after tonight?
  • Is this the toughest WR-QB due the Ducks will face?
  • Sean Macpherson’s story on emergence of Isaac Slade-Matautia

6:25 Oregon Offense

  • If the Ducks don’t score 30+ is there need to worry?
  • Can this be the Herbert ‘Heisman’ game?
  • What run dynamic will the Ducks utilize tonight?
  • Jordan Brenner’s story on Cyrus Habibi-Likio

6:35 Last Thoughts Prior to Kickoff

  • Over the River
  • What’s Autzen looking like?
  • Predictions