QuackSmack: Friday, 5/24/19

Hosts: Adam Susman, Michael Strite, Justin Grossweiner

6:02 Oregon Drops Game One Late to UCLA

  • Ducks fall below .500 for the first time all season
  • Significance of Spencer Steer’s RBI records?
  • Should Oregon have kept Ahlstrom in the game longer?
  • Importance of the next two games for Horton’s job and expectations for tonight

6:26 Raptors Take Game Five in Milwaukee

  • Toronto’s role players come to life
  • Bucks lose three games in a row for the first time this season
  • Expectations for game six back in Drake’s house

6:42 Did the Voters Get it Right with the All NBA Teams?

  • Who would you add and/or take away
  • Should contract value be tied to all NBA selections?

6:52 KWVA Staff Shares Their Unpopular Sports Opinions

  • What is something you find true or like in the sports that nobody agrees with?