QuackSmack: Wednesday, 5/15/19

HOSTS: Matt Tyra, Bill Braker, and Sean MacPherson

6:00 Oregon Baseball Gifted Win vs. Gonzaga

  • Recapping a messy 5th inning in a blowout victory
  • Trip to USC to decide Oregon’s fate?
  • Looking at Trojans’ recent stretch

6:20 GUEST: Joey McMurry (Voice of Oregon Baseball)

6:30 Oregon Softball Closes as 2020 Preparations Begin

  • What was expected, unexpected from the 2019 season?
  • Oregon’s recruiting class next year includes potential stars
  • Designing the perfect offseason for the Ducks

6:50 Finally, the NBA Conference Finals

  • Adjustments for the Blazers after lackluster Game 1
  • Stars aside, what will decide Bucks vs. Raptors?