Oregon Football Pregame Show (10/28/17)

Live from the Valley River Inn at 1:45 PM

HOSTS: Drake Hills and Gabe Ornelas

1:45  Oregon vs. Utah

  • The Matchup
  • Which team needs the win more?
  • The Return of Darren Carrington

1:55 Oregon’s Offense

  • Braxton Burmeister
  • What are the roles for Charles Nelson and Taj Griffin?
  • Oregon’s offensive line survives injuries (story by Alex Castle)
  • Will Offensive Coordinator Marcus Arroyo rely on running backs for the win?

2:07 Oregon Defense

  • Emergence of Lamar Winston Jr.?
  • Oregon’s secondary vs. Carrington (story by Marc Grandi)
  • Oregon’s front seven vs. an experienced Utah offensive live

2:20 Around the League

  • Over the River and Through the Woods (by Matt Tyra)
  • Recap Stanford nail-bitter win against Oregon State
  • Thoughts on all the other Pac-12 games
  • Oregon vs. Utah prediction

Off to Autzen Stadium with Marc Grandi and Alex Castle at 2:30 PM.